Bath Salt Drug


Side Effects

Death. Overheating. Schizophrenia. Insanity. Zombie Comparisons. Mass Hysteria. Eating People's Faces. What else do you need, other than the fact that it will turn you into a loser?

Bath Salt Drug Overdose Cases On The Rise

What Are The Side Effects of Bath Salts?

Bath Salt drug substitutes are being sold across the nation in small vials and jars for prices between $25 and $50. While these
substances are called "bath salts" by the people who sell them, in reality they are designer substitutes for illegal
narcotics like cocaine and ecstacy. Unfortunately, because there is no regulation or quality control, these designer drugs
have no indication how much of the drug is in a container, the maximum safe dosage, or the potential side effects. In some cases
there may be no active ingredient in the substance and the user is just getting powder. More dangerously, people may be admitted
to emergency rooms and doctors are unable to find an antidote to a bath salt drug overdose because the actual substance is unknown.

Bath Salt drug names include Ivory Wave, Hurricane Charlie, Red Dove, White Lightning, Bliss, Vanilla Sky, and similar colorful monikers. Parents
should be especially careful considering that these drugs don't even appear on drug tests, and the psychological effects
can include suicidal thoughts. Other side effects of bath salt drugs are similarly unknown due to the wide nature of ingredients, even
in the same brand. Some states, including Kentucky, Louisiana, and Florida have banned bath salts, and other states may be doing so as well, so be careful that you don't end up owning something that could get you put into prison tomorrow.

Notes and Special Information

Special note:The federal government has already outlawed many ingredients such as Mephedrone and MDPV for bath salts, but different formulations of the drug are being offered along with other designer drugs with names such as Kratom and Glass Cleaner.